Fashion Model

What should I ask a model to bring to a shoot?

Every successful and professional model will usually bring a bag of basics with them on shoot day. Read our article to find out what you can expect and what you should specify.

Model Tips

Looking for a model? You’ll need these 3 Top Tips for success!

Are you looking for advice on how to book a model? Here are our top tips for getting the talent you need for your project. Find out more on our website.

Makeup Model

Can models do their own makeup for shoots?

Models can be expected to do their own hair and makeup to some extent. But remember not to overstretch your talent! Read about how to strike a balance on our website.


10 best skincare products for models

Our models reveal their favourite skincare products

Model Tips

5 Fitness Tips To Shape Up Your Winter Body

Has winter taken a toll on your fitness routine? Here are some quick and easy tips for getting that summer body back! Find out more on our website.

Model Tips

How to become a WINK Model

Want to become a WINK model? Read on...

Model Tips

WINK’s skincare journey with St. Skin

WINK Models’ Managing Director, Sage Greenwood, has been lucky enough to go on a journey for better skin thanks to the ladies at St. Skin.

Model Tips

WINK have decoded the dress codes with Mural Hall

Our very own Sydney Talent Manager, Anna Mace, spoke with Myer Mural Hall about decoding the dress code!

Model Tips

3 ways fitness models can support the body-positive movement

WINK Models shares 3 ways that fitness models and influencers can support the body positive movement. Visit our website and find out more.

Model Tips

How to choose the right modelling agency for your brand

WINK Models has over 10 years of experience in the world of talent management. Read about our 3Rs for choosing the right modelling agency for your brand.

Model Tips

We answer all your questions!

Ever wondered what it takes to be a model? Grab your prosecco, get comfortable and join Anna and Asha as they go live.

Model Tips

A model’s guide to the world: Social Media Influencers

Ever wanted to know how you can gain your social followers? We have the answers!

Model Tips

WINK HQ explain usages

When it comes to usages in advertising, there are a lot of things you need to know as a model. Our Sydney team went through what they are recently on a Facebook live event. We've popped some of it here for you to learn more about usages and how they work.

Model Tips

WINK HQ chats about the importance of comp cards and updating portfolios

WINK Melbourne takes to Facebook to discuss the importance of nailing your shoots in order to have a great portfolio and comp cards.

Model Tips

The importance of castings for fashion and commercial work

WINK HQ discuss the importance of castings and how to nail each one!

Model Tips

WINK HQ take on different types of modelling

WINK HQ took to Facebook Live to chat about the different types of modelling.

Model Tips

How to take proper body measurements

A simple guide to measure yourself correctly!

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