Model Tips

Modelling tips from model agents

Have you ever wondered what the top most important tips are for being a well known, respected and regularly booked model? We have the answers!

Always be on time

It may seem really simple, but just like being on time for a job interview, it is vital that your punctuality is up to scratch. Talent bookers and clients will always remember you for being on time and ready to begin at the get-go. They will more than likely want to book you again for similar projects.

Look like your portfolio photos

Another very obvious tip, but often overlooked, is to make sure the shots you have in your portfolio are an accurate representation of what you currently look like. You may not think it happens often, but some clients have specific requirements for their jobs, there is nothing worse than a talent manager putting you forward for a specific blonde role when you have dyed your hair brown without any heads up. Not only is it disappointing, but also delays you booking any more jobs if your photos are inaccurate. The same goes with highly edited images. If you are applying to be a part of an agency and your photos are edited to the point where you don’t even recongise yourself, you cannot expect an agency to be surprised when they see you in person. Clients that have booked you from your photos will also be highly annoyed to find a different person standing in front of them.


Always have your phone and emails handy

We have lost count of the amount of times models have missed a major booking because they have not checked their emails or answered their phones. If you make this a regular habit, bookers will no longer be interested in putting you forward for any jobs. If you are unreliable, we know that our clients will not want to risk it.

Remember that bookers also look after hundreds of other models

Although you may be super excited to see the outcome of the latest campaign you shot, you need to trust that your bookers are on it to get those photos over to you straight away. We have a lot of other jobs and models to manage which is just as important as getting your images back. Under no circumstances should you contact the client yourself!

Be polite and curteous

Although this is a very heavily appearance based industry, it’s important to understand that your personality and curtesy is equaly as important. Clients will often continually book the same talent if they had a great experience with the model’s interactivity, personality and work ethic. Modelling jobs should always be treated as a regular 9 – 5 job. If you are meeting a client for the first time, treat it as a job interview and put on your best performance.

Make yourself available

If you are serious about modelling, you have to treat it like a full time career. Making yourself available for not only jobs booked in advance, but last minute bookings will make you a go-to when awesome briefs come up. Having regular availabilities will be looked upon favourably by your model management as well as clients who can rely on you.

Always come prepared

Make sure you read and re-read the briefs given to you by your talent manager so you are aware of what you are expected to do when you arrive to the job. If you are working a promotional event, you may recieve guidelines of what your role is. Ensure you read this over and discuss with your manager anything that you may need clarification on. If you are booked for a shoot, make sure you read the grooming requirements and arrive as expected. Photographers and clients will be expecting this from you and will ensure for a smooth shoot/job which, in turn, will work favourably for you to be booked again if you are easy to work with.

Put your hand up for the small stuff

We can’t always promise the biggest budget or the biggest usage, but every job you book, you are getting your face and name out there. If you put your hand up to do the small stuff, you are setting yourself up for success. Not only will you gain ample experience, but you will be remembered for your enthusiasm and work ethic.


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