Why booking real families and real couples gets you the best content

Authenticity plays a big part in the advertising industry and we are seeing more and more briefs come across our desks for real families. Luckily, we have just that!


How do I become a model?

We have the tips on how to get some shots taken BEFORE you apply to agencies.

Model Tips

The casting process explained

The casting process can be a tricky one to get your head around, so we've explained in much simpler terms!

Model Tips

Need to book a model at the last minute?

Need to book a model at the last minute? No, you don’t need to trawl Instagram for hours messaging self-represented models hoping to hear back. You don’t need to spend hours on the phone to various agents around town, explaining your brief over and over again. WINK has your back, as well as a solution to booking a model in last minute.

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Top 10 photographers to book in 2019

Looking for fantastic photographers to work with in 2019? Find out more about our top 10 talented nominations in this field. Meet them on our website today!

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How to find the right face for your next campaign

WINK Models is a leading Australian talent agency that will help you find the right face for your next campaign. Find out more on our website!

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The hottest swimwear brands this summer

Getting beach-ready this summer means considering some of the hottest swimwear brands in Australia. Find out more about some of our favourites!

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How much content keeps you relevant on social media

Posting engaging social media content is a fine art. Find out how much will keep you relevant and how much will tire your audience on our website today!


Exhausted? Here’s what to eat

Exhausted or burnt out? What to eat over summer to remedy your fatigue.


Why sleep is the (scientifically proven) secret to success

International WINK model and Sleep Specialist Olivia Arezzolo shares.

Model Tips

5 steps for planning a successful fashion show

Looking to plan your next fashion show for the upcoming season but don’t know where to start? Look no further.

Model Tips

What is a ‘self- test’?

We answer one of our frequently asked questions!

Model Tips

Casting to no-shows; How to prepare & work with models

How far in advance do you need to book a model? How do you deal with no-shows on the day of the shoot? Get the advice you need on our website.

Fashion Model

What should I ask a model to bring to a shoot?

Every successful and professional model will usually bring a bag of basics with them on shoot day. Read our article to find out what you can expect and what you should specify.

Model Tips

Looking for a model? You’ll need these 3 Top Tips for success!

Are you looking for advice on how to book a model? Here are our top tips for getting the talent you need for your project. Find out more on our website.

Makeup Model

Can models do their own makeup for shoots?

Models can be expected to do their own hair and makeup to some extent. But remember not to overstretch your talent! Read about how to strike a balance on our website.

Model Tips

How to become a WINK Model

Want to become a WINK model? Read on...

Model Tips

How to choose the right modelling agency for your brand

WINK Models has over 10 years of experience in the world of talent management. Read about our 3Rs for choosing the right modelling agency for your brand.

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