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Wink Models has a variety of hand models suited to high-fashion, food and beverage, or commercial hand modelling. Our hand models specialise in product close-ups, modelling jewellery, and fashion. With industry experience, our hand models can execute varied poses for stills or video with a diverse catalogue of talent ranging in size, ethnicity, and age range.

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  • “Fantastic boutique talent agency. Catered to all of our requirements. Excellent support, even better talent and one of the most professional talent agencies we have worked with globally.”
    Michael Stone, Brand Manager, Unilever
  • “The model has perfect hands and the exact ring size we needed. The video came out stunning.”
    Robert Grynkofki, Founder, Sarah & Sebastian
  • “The model was amazing, she did a great job and everyone really loved her. Her hands were perfect and made the jewelry look so beautiful.”
    Jeannie, Brand Manager, Canturi

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If you need hand models for your next shoot please get in touch:
  • Does your brand need a hand?

    WINK Models is proud to offer a range of hand models of all ages and types. We understand a close-up hand model is more than a prop, but a tool your brand can use to drive interest, action, engagement, and sales. From video demos, product and appliance walkthroughs, or engaging catalogue shots, you’re in the perfect place to find perfect parts. Ask us to supply photos of what our talent’s hands look like, to arrange a pre-shoot manicure, or for industry-leading prices.

  • Discover skilled hand models Australia-wide

    We select and represent Australia’s leading hand models because we work with leading advertisers, brands, and products. Highly selective about the hand models we represent, we’re proud to offer talent with leading industry skills to provide authenticity and credibility to your next campaign. Working with leading advertising, editorial, and commercial photographers, ask us about our skilled baristas, bartenders, and chefs (or enquire about our long list of additional practical skills), and see why leading brands trust WINK hand models.

  • Committed to 100% client satisfaction

    It’s easy to assume any model can hold an upcoming product or showcase a make-up line and deliver results - but there’s a clear difference between the best and the rest. Whether you’re looking for everyday, relatable hands or elegant, luxurious hands, we’ve got the widest selection available. Our hand models bring leading experience to every campaign. So whether you want a graceful movement to show off your latest jewellery line or an everyday hand to make your audience feel comfortable and at home, our models know how to sell your products without saying a word.

  • Embrace diversity with Australia’s top hand models

    WINK Models proudly champion diversity and inclusivity. With a renewed call for equal on-screen and online representation, we have an experienced and diverse range of skin tones and types in our portfolio. Without a doubt, visibility is a powerful tool. From the latest cosmetics to mouth-watering food; from eCommerce products to smartphones, your audience is looking for brands that can fit seamlessly into their lives. Trust WINK hand models to provide the seamless fit you’re looking for.