Real Families & Real Couples

Wink Models has a variety of real families and real couples who model together and can provide authentic on-screen chemistry for your campaign. We represent a diverse range of real couples including same-sex and gay couples, ethnically diverse, and mixed couples. Our talent includes real family members across multiple generations including babies, children, parents, and grandparents.

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  • “All WINK talent we work with are amazing!!! The head office goes above and beyond to deliver on those real couples and families.”
    Steve, Senior Producer, Hogarth (Big W)
  • “Thank you for all of the real families options you’ve put forward. The client was so impressed with the family on set. We got some fantastic imagery, which I’m sure you’ll see in your local Woolies soon!”
    Camilla Carey, Producer, Louis & Co
  • “Omg the kids were so cute! We got all the shots we needed. The family was perfect for what we wanted.”
    Gursi Kaur, Producer, Wellcom

Our real families and real couple models have worked with

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  • WINK Models is the home of real families.

    It’s impossible to try and truly recreate the chemistry of a real family… so don’t. WINK Models is proud to offer real families that deliver authentic posing and connections to suit a wide range of campaign types and settings. Our real family models provide genuine chemistry that shines through, so whether you’re after a Mum and Dad, same-sex couple, single parent, busy household unit, or multi-generational family, we’re here to help.

  • Save time and hassle on your next campaign

    For casting directors and production companies, the challenge of finding actors or models with the right chemistry is one that takes time and patience. Between trying to juggle availability and commitments, it’s easy to end up with individual models who can’t bring to life the family dynamic you crave (and can’t project the family vibe you crave). WINK family models deliver real talent and real connections with no time wasted trying to build rapport. So the moment your brand needs authenticity, you’ve got it.

  • WINK Models is proud to represent diverse family units

    In the 21st century, ‘family’ is a term with many meanings. From traditional nuclear families to mixed families, we’re proud to provide a diverse range of families including same-sex and interracial couples. Our talent includes children, parents, and extended family members from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. Whether you’re looking for help on your upcoming TV commercial, print campaign, fashion shoot, eCommerce shoot, or catalogue shoot, it’s easy to find the family unit that captures your brand and connects with your audience.

  • Discover the advantage of WINK’s real family models

    Enjoy easier and faster bookings. Comfortable children are able to showcase their personalities. Demonstrate natural on-screen representation. And work around the uncertainty of Covid-19 bubbles and households. The advantages that come with WINK’s real family models are many. Whether capturing and conveying everyday living, showcasing aspirational goals, or radiating the sense of contentment that comes with seeing a happy family, skip the stress of finding lookalike models and find an authentic family from WINK Models.