How do I become a model?

We understand that it can be difficult to break into the modelling industry without having any experience and, generally speaking, you can only gain experience by someone giving you a chance. However it can be a little different when it comes to our industry!


You may have noticed that on our model application form via our website, it asks you to ONLY submit professional photos in your application. There are a couple of ways you can gain these.

  • Test Shoots

Test shoots or TFP (Time For Print) are a great way to begin your model portfolio. TFP simply means that the images taken of you are only used for your portfolio use, as well as the photographer’s and any other creative involved. There is no payment for any party. 
A great way to find some photographers who are looking at doing some test shoots are to contact photography uni students, amateur photographers via social media, or even ask a modelling agency if they know of any photographers looking to collaborate. It’s important to only reach out to photographers who are also just starting out, or looking to update their portfolio instead of very successful and well-known photographers who don’t have the capacity to take on non-paid work. Which brings us to…

  • Paid Shoots

Probably the easiest of the two – paying a photographer to shoot means that you have full control of the style and theme of the photoshoot. You are paying someone to take photos the way you want them. TFP shoots are a collaborative process where the photographer also has a say in the theme/style.
A quick Google search of photographers in your area will give you an idea of pricing and structure. In terms of style, the best shots to get done if this is your first time is to keep it casual, neat and have clear shots of your body and face. If you can get a few wardrobe changes in there, even better!

Once you have 1 shoot under your belt, it will become even easier for you to land test shoots with photographers.  We definitely recommend having done at least 3 different shoots before approaching an agency. Always remember to tailor your photoshoots according to what modelling agency you want to apply for. For example, if you submit the same 3 photos to WINK as well as a high end fashion agency – the chances are those images won’t be suitable to one of us. Do the research on agencies and what kind of work they do before submitting photos. It also is beneficial to have a number of different styles in your shots. For example; commercial, fashion, beauty, sport/fitness etc. 

Learn from the photographers you work with – they have the greatest insight into what a model needs to do in front of the camera. At the end of the shoot, ask them for any tips or anything they think you should improve on. If you are unsure of what to expect leading up to your first shoot, YouTube have some great model tutorials to help you practice your posing in the mirror. Work out which looks and angles work best for you and play on those.

Once you’ve done a few shoots, get applying! Make sure (again) that you do your research and only apply to agencies that you believe you are a great fit for. Make sure you apply using their preferred method, for example, don’t show up at their office door if it clearly says “No walk-ins” on their website. If it’s a written submission, make it short and sweet and ensure you don’t babble on too much. Simply respond to the questions asked and give a little detail where possible!


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