Drop expectations & be more, by Monica Kade

Words by Monica Kade;

Take a moment and really reflect on that.

Expectations are future orientated. They are based upon all the thoughts and ideas of what you want, what you don’t want and once your attention is placed upon all those things, you lose yourself. You lose yourself to the “I hope” and the “What if…” You place more importance on the outcome and reduce your worth down to an opportunity or a paycheque – when you are so much more!

Walking into a casting – let alone connecting with anyone in life with the (either conscious or unconscious) expectation that they are going to fix, improve, change your life is a lot to lay on someone.

Expectations limit us by saying that what you expect is the best. The best by what standard? A standard based on where you’re currently at and where you could potentially see yourself at? Or could it be one that’s made based on the appearance and comparison of those around you?

Having no expectations opens us up to experiencing something beyond what we ‘think’ may be possible. It allows our journey to unfold with frivolity and wonder. You allow room for possibility to spark. Knowing that, what would you choose then?

Sure, have a level at which you choose to live and experience life at, know what you’re after and the direction you’re headed, just allow the journey to unfold moment by moment.

Before your next meeting, catch up or casting, just stop. Breathe in and take a moment to connect with what you’d truly love to come out of this experience. Why do you want this? If it’s purely about money, notoriety and status, there’s an agenda behind what you’re doing and trying to achieve.

Walk in because you love what you do. Because you believe that you make an impact to the world through your work. Be there to add value to the client, agency or person.

Above all, be yourself. This is what wins over the hearts and minds of those you come into contact with.

When you don’t need approval and recognition from sources outside of yourself, you stand in your power. You know your worth and you’re there because you believe you deserve to be.

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