WINK Announces Winners of the Plus Size Model Competition

WINK Models held a modelling competition where we searched all of Australia for the best undiscovered plus size male and female talent.


We partnered with Style Runner and Johnny Bigg, two brands leading the way for inclusive fashion for people of all sizes.  

We were blown away with the response from aspiring models from across Australia. Our sponsors Style Runner and Johnny Bigg narrowed down the massive stack of applications to our finalists, pictured above.

“Here at Johnny Bigg we’ve been celebrating everything big and tall for the past 5 years but it’s been hard to find models that really represent the bigger and taller guy,” said Hannah Fairley, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce.


“It’s been great to partner with WINK Models to support this category and show you can look good no matter your shape or size. We were blown away with the response to the competition, all the finalists looked amazing…”

Male winner: Jordan Stalker


Jordan’s calm, friendly vibe on set made him a stand out. He was cool and posed in front of the camera with confidence, supporting the other models on set. “For us, Jordan stood out as the perfect guy to showcase Johnny Bigg’s big and tall style,” said Hannah.

We asked Jordan why he entered the competition and he said, “It’s something I wanted to try. I wanted to show that anyone can do it. I’m never going to be petite and I know that, and I know lots of people are in the same boat,” Jordan laughs. “Working with a great brand like Johnny Bigg, it’s a way to show them that anything is possible”

As for our female winner, Style Runner had the difficult task of choosing amongst all of the superstar finalists. The women absolutely dominated in front of the camera in their form fitting activewear, rocking strong poses.

Female winner: Bonnie James


We asked Bonnie why she applied for the competition. She said, “As a kid I never saw pale, freckly, curly, frizzy haired people in the media, especially having my body proportions. I want other people to be able to see themselves and be like ‘oh, that’s a real body wearing that. I’ve got that, so I can feel accepted and beautiful”

Style Runner took note of Bonnie’s energy on set, impressed with her confidence whenever the camera was picked up. Bonnie said “I really want to push body positivity and confidence for girls and guys. It would be really cool for everyone to see themselves represented in marketing and social media”


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