What is #Backyourself?

Often we give ourselves too hard a time.
While it’s worthwhile to be self-aware, lack of self confidence and self esteem can drag our whole lives down. We need to be our own best friend and cheerleader, supporting ourselves in creating a positive conversation about who we are and the things we do. That little voice inside our heads needs to offer words of encouragement rather than words of disapproval.

#backyourself is an initiative by WINK Models for all people, but especially young women, to build a healthy self assessment and to be a positive force in their own lives.

When you ask yourself for support in all the things you do in life…  what will your answer be?

When you #backyourself you live your life to the fullest. You know what’s coming next and what opportunities lie within your future. On the other hand sometimes you may not live up to that full potential. Something holds you back. A voice keeps you from sharing. From giving all you’ve got.

Through #backyourself WINK Models would like to show support to all young people to reach a healthy level of self-confidence and emotional wellbeing. It’s time to build and stand by your own expectations of who you should be and live within those means. Be the best you can be and #backyourself.

This is especially true following Mental Health week. It’s our time to shine the spotlight on self esteem through blog posts and various talks, fitness classes and wellness days for WINK Models held in Sydney and Melbourne.


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