Nat’v Basics: At-Home Content Creation Success Story

The content team at Nat'v Basics needed a handful of images for use across their e-commerce website and social media so they came to WINK for at-home content creation


Tendresse: At-Home Content Creation Success Story

The content team at Tendresse Studio needed library of images for use across their e-commerce website and social media so they came to WINK for at-home content creation


Daia For The Iconic

One of the largest fashion and lifestyle destinations, The Iconic, partners up with Wink model Daia Larie to produce an awesome campaign.


Bras N Things: At-Home Content Creation Success Story

The content team at Bras N Things needed library of images for use across their socials and EDMs so they came to WINK for at-home content creation


It’s Time To Rethink The Grid

Instagram's controversial decision to move away from being a photo sharing app and embrace video content.


CASE STUDY: QT Hotels // WINK’s model citizens embody the Directors of Chaos

WINK Models helped secured talent for QT hotels range of hotels


Woke Washing and The Perils of Tokenistic Engagement

Advice for brands wanting to overhaul their image to be more inclusive, and how to avoid woke-washing


CASE STUDY: Sussan // Real families and Real couples for a heartwarming campaign about togetherness

See how WINK Models sourced Real Families and Real Couples for this Sussan shoot, which showed women together with important people in support networks.


Top Plus Size Male and Female Brands

WINK Models has a thriving division of plus size male and female talent. View our models in shoots with top male and female plus size brands


7 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Modelling- Mentally and Physically

Life can get busy sometimes, especially as a model. It’s important to make sure that you’re not neglecting your body and its needs


Top 10 Ethnically Diverse Models in Australia

We have already seen increase in brands wanting to feature Australian indigenous models as well as models of Asian, African, Pacific Islander and Middle-Eastern decent. We're excited to see how brands in Australia will continue respond to this refreshing outcry from their customers for more ethnically diverse models.


How to Book the Right Model for a Wedding Campaign Shoot

When starting out as a wedding photographer, family and friends are often subjects of our shoots, but this is not always possible and not wishing to test their patience, there comes a time when you need to look elsewhere. Here is how to book the right model for a wedding campaign shoot that will keep things as simple as possible, whether you are looking to improve your portrait photography skills, experiment with new looks for your portfolio, or break into the wedding business.


10 Tips on How to Get Scouted as a Model on Instagram

While we all understand the power of social media to connect on a global scale, it has become a viable way for scouts to find and connect with models. In December 2014, IMG models launched the “We Love Your Genes” program which includes an Instagram account dedicated to scouting models on the social media platform using the hashtag #WLYG. And with the travel restrictions imposed because of the pandemic, scouting models on Instagram may become the new normal.


Which safety protocols should producers implement at a photoshoot during COVID?

It is important to maintain the lowest risk of COVID transmission possible at all time. Here is a guide on how to do this during photographic shoots based on current government guidelines.


WINK Announces Winners of the Plus Size Model Competition

WINK Models held a modelling competition where we searched all of Australia for the best undiscovered plus size male and female talent. The winners were...


How to Ensure an Influencer is Right for your Brand

Social conversations and online content go a long way in converting consumers. Are you aware that over 60% of marketers globally work with about ten or more influencers on their campaigns?


How Much Does It Cost to Book an Influencer?

In today’s digital world, one of the most effective ways of reaching and connecting with your target audience is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is when a company/brand partners with an individual to shape and drive consumer behaviour. Typically, the individual is a popular person in the industry, who is trusted by the target market, and can influence consumers to engage and use a brand’s product or service.


How To Write the Perfect Commercial Photography Brief

So you’re planning to commission a commercial photographer to shoot some images for you... but where do you start? The best way to kick off is to share a thoughtful and detailed brief with your shortlist of preferred photographers. Providing a good brief is the best way to help them ascertain if they can capture your creative vision and communicate it effectively on your behalf.

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