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What is User Generated Content?

User generated content is any type of content created by existing customers instead of by brands themselves. Existing customers and creators can create content in different formats, from social media posts to videos and blog posts, for the brand to share online with their audience. UGC content can help your brand stay up to date with trending videos or images featuring your products/services and help skyrocket sales. People want to see content created by real people that they can relate to and trust. From selfies, to spoken product review videos to scroll-stopping reels – our talent have it all covered.

Why UGC works?

– 85% of consumers find visual UGC more influential
– 4 x higher click through rates
– 29% higher web conversions than ads or websites without it

We offer 2 x standard UGC packages:

Package 1:
1 x social media video (reel or tiktok style)
1 x stills photos
Brands can use these for advertising (boosted posts or online ads) for 6 months, and unlimited organic use (ie: leave them on your social media feed forever).

Package 2:
5 x stills photos
Brand can use these for advertising (boosted posts or online ads) for 6 months, and unlimited organic use (ie, leave them on your social media feed forever).

Our UGC content can be tailored to any client brief, so if you require more or less photos/videos than the above, please let us know and we can customise a package for you. We offer different tier packages based on output requirements. The team would love to walk you through the different options available. We take care of all creator payments and coordination.


Do I get to provide the creator a brief?
Once booked, you’ll receive a briefing form from us with questions in regards to your brand, products for UGC, target group and more so our talent can create the perfect content for you to use. We’ll ask for reference images, mood boards or example videos if you have them. If you have your own briefing template, that’s fine too!

Do you have male and female creators?
Yes, we have a diverse range of male and female talent including real families, plus size models, swimwear models, hand models, sports and fitness models and cover all ages and ethnicities.

Do the creators keep the products?
Up to you! Talent can shoot samples and then return the garments/products or our talent can keep the products (most brands do this). If you need the product returned, we just ask that you include a self addresses return satchel when you send the item. Please note, we do not do “contra” UGC content. All content must be paid for regardless of whether the product is being gifted.

What is the turn-around time?
10 working days from the date products are received by our talent.

How will I receive the content?
We’ll provide you a dropbox link of the high res assets all collated in one place, to make your life easy.

What brands have your creators made content for?
Some examples include Avenue the Label, YD Clothing, B.Box, French Connection, Baiia Swim, Levis, Everblue Hair Products and Foreo.

Will the creator post it to their feed too? Does follower count affect UGC rates?
A creator’s following doesn’t have any direct impact on the price of UGC, since the content isn’t being posted on the creator’s account (it gets sent directly to the brand). However, some of our creators do have a large social media following, and if you would like we can provide you a quote for them to also post content to their feed too. This would be quoted separately.

What if I don’t like the content?
Thankfully, we’ve never had this issue! Because we provide the creators with a great brief, that you’ve approved, everyone is super clear on the deliverables. We’ll check all content before it lands in your inbox, and one editorial revision is included to give you peace of mind.

Ready to captivate your audience?
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