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Hand Modelling at WINK

Getting that perfect close up shot is critical for jewellery, technology, beauty products and many print campaigns, and that’s where professional hand models come in.

What is a hand model?
A hand model is someone who’s hands specifically are used for video and photo shoots—primarily advertisements and editorials for commercial products. They are experienced in how to move their hands and fingers correctly to highlight products and have even skin tones, and great nail shape. Hand models tend to have narrow, slender fingers, no freckles and unblemished skin.

What sort of work do your hand models do?
Hand models use their hands in images and videos to showcase products and services. For example, clients usually hire hand models to advertise beauty products, jewelry, handbags and flowers. A hand model might also do close-up work for shots highlighting a product that isn’t necessarily hand-related; for example, holding a piece of pizza or holding a mobile phone. Our hand models have been in campaigns for Vogue Magazine, Glenfiddich and Special K.

Do you have male and female hand models?
We have both male and female hand models in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 60’s+

How do we cast hand models?
We have both professional and ‘digi’ photos of our hand models for you to cast from. You are also welcome to hold a casting and see their hands in person of course too! For hand modelling jobs, clients also usually have a manicurist on set, or organise for the model to have a specific manicure before the shoot, with their nails done in the colour (or no polish) that is most suitable for the campaign. We can organise this on your behalf if you need.

How much do hand models cost?
Depending on the role, complexity, number of hours and campaign usage, hand models are usually between $150-$250/hr

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