Welcome aboard Portia!

How did you come about applying to be a WINK model?

I was always interested in modelling but so many agencies had height restrictions and being 5″5, I had told myself that it would never become a reality. I had applied to mutiple agencies in Melbourne but they came back saying the same thing, that my height was a huge issue! However, I found WINK on the internet and noticed that they weren’t as set on height, so I thought that I would give it a shot. I was lucky enough to get signed and the agency has been nothing but lovely to me!

How long have you been modelling for?

I got signed with WINK not long ago, around January this year. Although, I have mucked around with a camera and some friends previously, as I’m also interested in photography so I guess I had a tiny bit of experience, but not much!

Who/what was your inspiration for modelling?

I guess there was inspiration everywhere, I mean, in our society, models are idealised and ever since I was a little girl I had always thought it would be a nice job to have. As I got older I was told the sterotype that models are concieted and don’t contribute to society and I guess that impacted my thoughts a lot as a young teenager. In the last year or so with platfroms such as Instagram I think it allowed me to see how hard models work and how wrong the sterotypes are. Modelling is a difficult career. Many models put up with people they don’t nesscarily want to work with, long hours and then they have to go out there and work with the photographer to get the best shot possible, as well as many struggling with self confidence issues. It is a hard job, contrary to popular opinion, and I really respect the majority of models out there. This has turned into a long rant, im sorry! Essentially, I guess my inspiration was the models out there on social media etc who showed that they were commited and shut down the sterotype. I find that far more inspirational than any model who has had success given to them.

What has been your favourite shoot?

I haven’t had the opportunity to do many shoots so far as I haven’t been signed for long and school keeps getting in the way! However I was fortunate enough to have the opporunity to work with Morgan Macleod, her work is amazing and I adore the photos from that shoot!

Who/what brand would be your dream to work with?

It would be a dream to work with Mario Testino, his work is so iconic and original. I also love Sir The Label and their whole aesthetic is gorgeous so it would be amazing to work with them!

When you aren’t modelling, what else do you do in your spare time?

Im in IB at the moment so school pretty much occupies every facet of my weekdays and at least one day of my weekend. When I can I will spend time with friends, exercise and I love to cook. I also have a blog/insta thing going (@portiaisobel) which takes up a bit of my time.

What advice would you give boys and girls your age who are wishing to get into the modelling industry?

I would say to not get too hung up on getting signed with the ‘big agencies’. Modelling is such a competitive industry and the ones who are successful, as in the people you see on billboards and magazine covers, they are the very small minority. Try getting in contact with some photographers/stylists/MUA and organise test shoots. Apply to lots of agencies and see where it takes you, initiative and persistence will always get you places. And of course make sure you’re enjoying what you’re doing – there is no point in modelling if you don’t want to!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It’s sort of scary to think of myself in five years, I would be 21 and considered an ‘adult’. To be honest I don’t ever want to grow up, I want to be able to have bursts of childish energy and I’m sure I will at 21 haha. I hope to go to Uni, either Melbourne Uni or ANU and study PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) or do a commerce/International relations degree. I would also love the opportunity to travel the world and see all the things it has to offer.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you? 

Oo this is a hard question! I try to be very caring and thoughtful in regard to my friendships with people and I really value and support them. I find that once you get to know me I’m also a massive idiot who will crack the stupidest jokes which I guess you could say is entertaining at the least, although this is definitely subject to opinion! I just asked a friend then and the result was “passionate, spontaneous and witty” so there you go haha!

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