Brand Ambassador

What to expect from an outstanding brand ambassador

Nowadays, being a “brand ambassador” certainly does take on a variety of shapes and forms from one brand to another. From sun-kissed Instagram models and red-carpet celebrities to popular mommy bloggers and that friendly guy dishing out samples at the L’Oréal counter, brand ambassadors are everywhere!

But what can you expect from an outstanding representative for your enterprise or initiative? We’re talking about the real crème de la crème who make a tangible and exciting difference to your brand marketing results? It’s simple, lose the fluff and nail down someone with these essentials!


  1. The Brand Log

A little-known secret is that an exceptional BA will keep an ever-evolving digital log of all the key points they need to remember about your brand. They will eat, sleep and study your content to the point where they can live your brand with authenticity out in the market place. They’ll keep notes on possible conversations and responses while logging amendments and inclusions as new topics come up with audiences. This feedback can be an invaluable contribution to your brand marketing!


  1. Knowledge is Power

Star ambassadors usually also have an understanding of and passion for modern marketing principles. The best influencers place importance on authenticity and being transparent in all of their content endeavours while also understanding how digital marketing and social media can drive traffic, high-quality leads and even sales. This is a fine line to walk but a true professional can do both…and have it reflected in the results of each campaign.

  1. Relationships Get Results

The best personalities to represent your brand are usually the ones who will prioritise nurturing relationships. This applies to their fans and to you as the client and the treatment of your team. How are they going to foster strong, loyal relationships between your customers and your brand if they can’t form a deep, meaningful connection with you?


  1. Tracking Transparency

Professionals will also provide first-class reporting on every one of your campaigns with them. Brand ambassadors should have the ability to integrate with your team to provide tracking. Like any other marketing effort, their efforts should be monitored and measured for success. The best brand ambassadors on Instagram, or any other platform, are able to collaborate and demonstrate with tangible metrics that their communication efforts were successful in achieving your campaign goals.

That being said, you as the client also need to put in the work to have an incredible brand ambassador relationship. The best results are achieved by brands who are appreciative, stay in touch with their influencers, clearly communicate what is expected, and never underestimate their brand ambassador’s power.

That isn’t to say that building a powerful army of passionate advocates is impossible. It can always be simplified by working with the right partners. Our talent managers are all about finding outstanding influencers to match with the best clients. Work with us today!   


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