#BackYourself with The Social Girl Traveler!

Jen Morilla, also known as The Social Girl Traveler, is a New York City native. Born and raised in a Cuban household. Jen has lived in 5 countries across 6 continents. She quit her corporate New York City job to travel the world in February 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. Her love of travel and adventure is what lead her to begin traveling.

What inspired you to begin your blog and begin your journey as a traveller?

I remember sitting in my cubicle in New York City and thinking; “How this couldn’t be it?” I wasn’t born to just work at a desk for the rest of my life from 9-5. I couldn’t stop thinking about traveling. Exploring. Just being out there! Being alone and just doing it. It got to the point that it was all I thought of. Day-in and day-out. I knew I had to do something about it or I would go crazy. There’s something about traveling the world and traveling it solo. It’s almost as if something inside of you changes and awakens.


What has been your biggest obstacle while travelling?

My love hate relationship with being alone. You get use to being alone and that’s a good thing, but too much of a good thing is bad, sometimes.


What made you want to start modelling?

As you begin to blog and get use to being in front of the camera you learn to love your own skin. You become more comfortable with the learn camera. I didn’t plan to be a model. I just fell into it. When brands and photographers wanted to shoot with me. I don’t mind it now, I think it’s kinda of fun!


If you could spread one message to all women in Australia, what would it be?

I’d spread a message to all women globally. I’d tell women to be confident. Stop worrying about other people and what other people think of you. If you’re happy with yourself then rock it! If you’re not, then fix it. But don’t ever lose confidence in yourself because when you only allow the negative things people say about you affect you. And only you have control of that.

How do you practice self confidence?

This is the hardest. I think it takes time. I don’t think I became confident in myself until I knew who I was. I figured out what I liked and didn’t like. I stopped worrying about what others thought. My father use to tell me as a kid that I was no greater than anyone else and no one was greater than me. We all come and go the same and bleed the same. I think all humans struggle with this. I think when I stopped worrying about my size, how flat my tummy was, if my boobs made me look fat, or if my writing sucked, or even if I was just too weird or silly I became confident in who I was. I was happy with myself. Being different is awesome. You should embrace your body, mind and soul. When you’ve learned how to love yourself, you’ve learned true self confidence.

What advice would you give to women who are wanting to follow in your footsteps and discover the world?

Just do it. Don’t think about it too much. Don’t think about timing, if you don’t have enough money, etc. You don’t have to quit your job and change your life in from one day to the next. You just need one trip. One solo trip. I PROMISE your soul will thank you. It’s like you’re feeding your mind, body and soul when your travel solo. It will be the best reward you could have ever given yourself. Especially if you’ve never done it before. Take baby steps because traveling solo isn’t for everyone and traveling like how I travel isn’t for everyone either. But if it’s something you’re passionate about and want to try it. Do it. 

Don’t think you ‘can’t’. Think: If she did it I can do it too! -Then do it. 

What does #BackYourself mean to you?

Being your own cheerleader! Never give up.  When life gets tough don’t give up. Keep moving forward. Plus, once you hit rock bottom there is only one place to go. Up.

Who inspires you the most?

My mom and my sister. These women are rockstars. I’ve seen my mother go through a lot and she is a rock. I sometimes ask myself how she does it. I only hope that one say I can repay her for all she does for me. My sister is another amazing women. She’s an amazing mom and a kick-ass lawyer!

What are you goals for the future?

Keep living. I want to continue to grow my personal brand and travel. I want to continue to be an inspiration for women and men to travel and just live their dreams. It doesn’t have to be ‘travel’ it could be about starting their own business, learning to public speak, etc. I want inspire others to ‘just do’. I would also like to potentially publish my first book! Who knows. I am always thinking of new ideas and things I want to do!

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