Life Coach

Interview with life coach, Immik Kerr

Tell us a little bit about what you do as a peak performance coach?

I work with people to bring about the changes they need in order to create the results they want. Most of us have an idea of where we want to be but there may be limiting beliefs and stories we tell ourselves that hold us back from moving forward. I challenge, support & guide people to bring about sustainable change. Whether it is just tweaking their mindset or keeping them accountable for their desired goals, together we work to bring about personal & professional success.

What can people expect from your services?

I have been told by many of  clients that coaching is not what they expected, so I think to be open to what can come up in a session is the best way to approach it. They can however expect to be challenged and supported and if they are willing to explore the truth of why they do what they do and how it relates to the results they are getting they can expect to create change.

How did you get into life coaching? What sparked your interest?

I was at cross roads in my life I owned successful production company for over 10 years bu got to a point where I wasn’t fulfilled anymore.  I had a feeling there was something else I wanted to do but had no idea what! I was given six Life coaching sessions as a gift and it was during those sessions I knew that I was meant to be a coach, the power of having someone take the time to explore stuff with me and keep me accountable for the changes I set about to make was amazing. Within a few months I had taken a new road and set out to work with people and build my coaching business.

What kind of people have you coached?

I work with everyone, from mums to creative artists to celebrities and entrepreneurs.

Have you any any particular success stories that stand out in your mind?

Every client takes something different from the sessions, some have profound life changing moments while other have tiny pivotal understanding that allow them to make the changes they need. All my clients are success stories as they have all been brave enough to delve in to the muddy waters and come out stronger swimmers. I prefer to let my clients share their experience with their testimonials which cane viewed on my website.

If you could give our models one tip, what would it be?
Treat your career as a business, look at your brand (which is you) and make sure you turn up to every casting and job booking being the best version of yourself. Take the time to work on your career, looking for opportunities to network, commission new photos and communicate with your agent.  Have fun and don’t take it personally if you don’t get chosen for a job, just keep turning up AND subscribe to my podcast to get inspired by all the amazing guests, including your fearless leader the incredible  Taryn Williams.

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Head Office

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  • Darlinghurst
  • NSW 2010, Australia

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