Jye Emdur for Cleo’s 2015 Bachelor of the Year

Cleo announced the top 30 finalists of 2015 for their Bachelor of the Year and our Jye Emdur is one of them! With the theme being Magic Mike XXL Jye showed off his best moves.

So you’re a surfer? Do you use the ‘I’m a surfer’ line to pick up chicks?

Not yet, but whenever you tell anyone from overseas that you’re Australian, the two questions they ask you are, “Do you ride a kangaroo to school?” and “Are you a surfer?”

Has your dad (Larry Emdur) offered you any tips?

To wear my hair out. He’s getting to that age where he shaves it so maybe that’s why.

How many hair products do you use?

I go through a lot! Currently, my whole bathroom drawer is just hair products. I am yet to find one that actually works. So a good surf and a bit of sea salt works the best.

Would you ever let your dad set you up on a date?

We are best mates, and we do have everything in common, and I trust him, but that’s a big one- I don’t know! Probably once, but he’s only got one shot!

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