An interview with photographer, Max Doyle


We often gloat that our models are super talented, so it’s no surprise that Sydney based Classic model, Max Doyle, is also a renowned photographer having shot covers for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Oyster Magazine and Rolling Stone. Check out what he had to say when we took to asking him a few questions about his craft.

Take us through how you started out as a photographer

I’d always been interested in photography, right back to when I was the darkroom monitor at school but I never imagined it would be something I’d do as a career. I thought I’d be a famous musician. I had moved to London with my girlfriend who was a fashion stylist in the 90’s and I was doing casual labouring jobs to make ends meet when a photographer who she was working with needed help on a shoot last minute. 

We hit it off and the next thing I new I was on a shoot in Miami, then south of France, then Spain etc..
I assisted for a few years and then got some good breaks to start shooting my own stuff and now here I am still doing it nearly 30 years later.
How did you get into modelling?
My first “modelling” job was actually on a shoot where I was the photographer. We needed someone in my age demographic to fill in for someone who had become unavailable. I got my assistant to take the shots, assuming I’d be in the background on the web. Imagine my surprise when I ended up on billboards and metro lights all around town.
After that I didn’t give it another thought until I got asked to come to a casting for a furniture ad. I went along for a laugh and ended up getting the job which turned out to be a fun day on set as the photographer was a mate and I knew most of the crew.
Do you think having experience on both sides of the camera makes you a better photographer and model?
I do. As a photographer I have a lot of respect for good models who bring something special to the shoot because I’ve experienced how challenging it can be to get in that space, and as a model I think it’s helped me to take direction and interpret the brief.
You’ve shot some high profile celebs such as Em Rata, Travis Scott, and recently, Margot Robbie. Do you have a favourite in terms of how the shots turned out?
Well I really loved working with Travis because he was crazy and had mad energy and the shots turned out great.
Margot was definitely my recent favourite. We had a super fun time hanging out and shooting in Byron. her family was there and everyone had a great time which shows in the photos I think.

From your point of view, what makes a good picture? 

A good picture, for me is one where I feel some connection, whether it’s with a person or a landscape or whatever. It’s hard to define but it’s not a technical thing, it’s just a feeling. 

Who influenced you the most when starting out in photography?

My girlfriend. she was a passionate stylist and through her I was exposed to the magazines, books, and art that got me inspired enough to at least imagine giving it a go. It was a great time to be in London in the 90’s. It was a really pivotal time for fashion and photography. I was very lucky.

If you could shoot anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Can I write a list?

Paul McCartney. I’m a bit Beatles obsessed at the moment and I’d love to have the chance to hang out with Sir Paul.
Kate Moss, just because back in the day there were a few opportunities to work with her that passed by and she’s been an icon for most of my career, so now would be a good time to finally work with her.
You are also a wedding photographer, how did you get into that?
Ha, well I think these days you have to be open to anything and everything. I was approached and I thought, why not. I haven’t really kicked it off yet, but watch this space.

Do you have any advice for any emerging photographers out there trying to make it?

I tend to advise emerging photographers to get out of town. That doesn’t sound very positive but if you want your talents to be pushed to your highest potential you need to be in bigger markets where the budgets are bigger, there’s more creative outlets and you’re competing with the best creatives from all over the world. Then when you’re done, come home.

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