Fresh Inspiration: 5 Fashion Influencers Who Are Redefining Style

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Fashion influencers not only notify us to inspire new designers, but they also hand out ideas on different superb outfit collections. You might see people on t.v. or on the internet who wear extravagant clothing. You possibly followed a few of these fashion influencers on some social media platforms.

There is a massive influx of fashion influencers nowadays instead of those bloggers now that many of us are engaged inside the world of different social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. And yes, these influencers are having a fabulous influence on how and what we wear.

However, there is one dilemma with everyone being called a fashion influencer: How can you tell which one is good? Lucky us, we are encircled by the good ones through Instagram and other platforms. Listed below are the best fashion influencers in the world right now.


Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason began her blog in 2008 as a pleasurable pastime, and at the same time, she was working at a design company. Since then, she was approached by Vogue Italia to create an article for the “Curvy” topic, and then her popularity arose.

She started her plus-size clothing line in 2017 with her associate fashion influencer Gabi Gregg. Nicolette Mason is a blogger and designer that demands a large variety of fashion. Launching her collection has made a massive shift in fashion with more large size models acquiring importance.

Nicolette Mason has attained a good outcome where fashion industry standards said she would not be able to succeed. Still, she became one of the bloggers in OG with a Marie Claire column, various appearances in TV, and different design teamwork under her belt.

Mason’s perseverance, passion, and understanding have something to deal with her success. Even though she felt that she does not belong because of her size, she succeeded in influencing and spreading how diversity in fashion is very important.


Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni started to spread her influence as a case study in Harvard Business School of the progress of her website The Blonde Salad. And by this, she proved to all the pessimistic of her blog, that it was not just an imaginative but unworkable idea but a sophisticated brand.

And because of that, Chiara Ferragni has produced her collection of accessories and apparel and handles twenty people for her fashion site that go up against with another platform like French Connection.

She landed on the top spot on the list of top fashion influencer by Forbes, followed by other influential entrepreneurs who have made a big difference in the fashion industry. Chiara Ferragni believes that fashion influencers are the new media.

Rather than the typical magazines, people nowadays get their fashion tips and info from the social media and by way of these influencers. Her posts about her fashionable travels and stylish outfits have made her fans interested in her and The Blonde Salad.


Jenn Im

Jenn Im is one of the popular fashion video bloggers on Youtube, and she debuted last 2010. She is well-known for her comfortable and chill look using jumpsuits and hoodies. Just this 2017, her clothing line has grown rapidly and launched her line Eggie which is direct to consumer manner.

Her clothing line which is Clothes Encounters has developed a brand new fashion line. She made a fearless stylish decision that led her to millions of supporters to her various social media platforms.

Her new line Eggie, spell out Im’s sensibilities and styles into an array of, bodysuits, hoodies, cropped tops, bomber jackets, blazers, and jumpsuits. It is the millennials shop for every event. The collection expresses Jenn Im’s wardrobe and is intended for those who want to recreate their look.

Her goal with her clothing line is to drive the outer limits of fashion and combine choices of gender flexible pieces that embraces all. Where the consumers can define themselves through her clothing line, and reinvent with styles that can change their look completely.


Bryan Yambao

Bryan Yambao began his fierce triumph in his Bryanboy blog in 2004, from his home in Manila, Philippines. Originally, he wrote blogs about travel, but he was shortly forced to write about the fashion industry.

He has worked with brands including Prada, Gucci, Valentino, Loewe, Ralph Lauren, American Express, and Diet Coke. Style and celebrity fashion blogger is extensively known for writing one of the most authoritative blogs in the fashion industry.

Started in 2004, Yambao was one of the people to influence the straightforward media and the broad range of the internet to build a committed outlet for an intimate fashion statement and has been considered with establishing the outspoken tone of bloggers along with their editorial photoshoots.


Susanna Lau

Susanna Lau is a London fashion blogger, and she started her clothing line in 2006 named Style Bubble at the same time she works for a day job in digital advertising. Every day, about ten thousand people read what Susanna Lau thinks about fashion.

Every day, she goes to her blog and posts her outfit of the day that inspires new designers and her ever loyal followers. Susanna Lau was one of the first bloggers to be acknowledged in the industry and remained to be the favorite.

Her fashion style is determined by her family holidays in Hong Kong where the women only dress to impress themselves. Aside from her successful clothing line online, she has constructed a shop in London for her avid fans.


Take Away

Curious about the various fashion influencer you should be following? From Nicolette Mason, Chiara Ferragni, Jenn Im, Bryan Yambao, Susanna Lau, and the new breed of several advocates that are devoted to fashion, but still have a style of their own.

And because it is absurd that one of these names will stop influencing the fashion industry in the coming years, we are prepared for a fresh and new set of people who will break and rock onto the scene.

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