Golden Girl Sage Greenwood on staying focused and why it’s so important to never give up!

Note 2 Self had the incredible opportunity to interview the Wonder Women herself - Sage Greenwood. Sage is the managing director at WINK Models and co-founder of an Aussie leading turmeric provider Golden Grind.


The Money

Most of us overlook our feet, but at what cost? WINK Talent Manager, Anna Mace, explains the popularity of foot modelling.

Social Diary

Sage Greenwood Social Diary Interview

This week we talk to Sage Greenwood, Managing Director at WINK Models about swapping law & finance for the modelling industry, working with phone addicted Gen Z's who won't answer their phones and her other passion... her tumeric business!

Women's Health

How To Run A Business And Achieve Work/Life Balance

It's not only essential for keeping your sanity, but ensuring your business thrives. - by Sage Greenwood

Agency Iceberg

#LeadingLadies: Sage Greenwood

It’s not everyday you come across a model-entrepreneur with a holistic health focus and a double degree in law and business (with honours!). Sage Greenwood is passionate about health and has made her mark on the modelling and health industries. Sage is Managing Director of WINK Models Melbourne and co-founder of Golden Grind, an international, fast-growing turmeric product company she started with her sister and brother-in-law.

Marie Claire

7 Top Tips For Taking The Perfect Photo On Your Phone

"Following seeing our Instagram feeds fill with chic fashion week images, we asked New York photographer Anna Mace, who shot the below images on her iPhone X at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, to reveal her seven top tips for getting the perfect fashion week shot. The best part? It's all doable on your phone."

Business Insider

20 successful Australian executives reveal how they organise apps on their smartphone

Everyone has their own method when it comes to organising the apps on their smartphones. Some like a clean, categorised approach, while others prefer a more flexible system, chopping and changing the order of their apps based on usage. This, along with the background image, can reveal a lot about the owner’s personality. We asked 20 executives to share the home screens of their smartphones. Here they are.


Time, money and productivity – how to eliminate waste in your business

Sage Greenwood, the managing director of premium model and talent agency WINK Models, says that outsourcing the functions the business doesn’t need on a full-time basis has helped to streamline the agency’s processes, cut down on waste and made it more efficient.


The Truth About Running A Million-Dollar Business

Taryn Williams says the secret is defining your values.


Taryn Williams – secrets behind her multi-million-dollar empire

From knowing how to delegate tasks to hiring an 'inspiring' team: Model turned CEO, 31, shares the secrets behind her multi-million dollar business empire

The Womenz

WINK: A heaven for creative talent

Pilot, fashion model, successful entrepreneur...she hugged trials to become strong and succeed. That's our young Australian friend Taryn Williams. There's more to her than meets the eye!


How to hire so you won’t have to fire: Three approaches to finding great talent when you’re pressed for time

Last week WINK Models founder Taryn Williams summed this up by explaining she’s learned to be honest with candidates not just about the job, but what she sees as the reality of the job in the future.

Smart Company

WINK Models founder Taryn Williams on overcoming being a “control freak” to build her business

After a stint in the modelling industry, serial entrepreneur Taryn Williams saw a lot could be done in the sector to streamline processes and payment for models working across Australia. She took these observations and spun them into $3 million talent agency WINK Models, a company that committed to pay models in a seven day window.

SMWY Group

Can you still be Disruptive in a Disrupted Age – Pause Fest

There’s no doubt ‘disruption’ has become the buzzword of modern entrepreneurialism. This panel discussion will focus on what some of Australia’s leading tech and digital entrepreneurs see as being essential to remaining relevant and disruptive in a local commercial market saturated by ‘disruptive’ technology.

I am Woman Project

Femmes D’Inspiration Conversation with Taryn Williams

Catherine Plano is here today with Taryn Williams, she is one of Australia’s top young entrepreneurs, named as a 2016 B&T Women in Media Entrepreneur finalist, 2015 Female Entrepreneur Awards finalist, 2015 B&T Hot 30 under 30 and SmartCompany 30 under 30.


Goal Digger: Taryn Williams of WINK Models & TheRight.Fit

"We spoke with Taryn about she how balances her business and personal goals, and how important her team has been to her success."

Huffington Post

Even Creatives Need To Follow A Routine

Early morning exercise routines seem to be a common thread between modern creatives. Many CEOs such as Taryn Williams of WINK Models ... understand the importance of such fitness regimes.


TAKE 5 With…Taryn Williams, Founder The Right.Fit & WINK Models

So what does it take to run two successful businesses? Taryn Williams shares her journey to success and her top five tips for flourishing entrepreneurs...

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