Mature Age Models

Wink Models offers a variety of mature-aged models who specialise in commercial and fashion campaigns. Our ethnically diverse range of mature models are aged from 30 to 80 years old and all are highly experienced in commercial acting and modelling. With a focus on diversity across our mature-aged portfolio, we proudly offer “real family” and “real people” categories.

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  • “The team at WINK are wonderful - a great range of talent for us to select from. The models are always very professional, making it much easier on set."
    Donny Galella, Stylist, The Morning Show
  • “Wow the models were so good! Made the shoot so easy. Thanks again for organising them so quickly”
    Omee Deling, Creative Producer, Mosaic Brands Limited
  • “The talent were incredible. They arrived on time with everything we asked them to bring and we got the shots we needed. On such a large shoot this was such a big help. Thank you!”
    Rosie Pike, Producer, Sam I Am

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  • Because age is just a number.

    WINK Models is proud to champion diversity with an inclusive age range of mature-age models ranging in age from 30 through 80. We understand the importance of representing real faces and bodies on billboards, TV, social media, and screens, and we’re committed to supporting the message that beauty is truly ageless. We’re excited to help you engage with your audience and elevate your brand through authentic and aspirational mature-aged models that prove style is truly ageless, so browse our mature-age models or get in touch for more.

  • Supporting age-positive brands Australia-wide

    Your audience wants to see authenticity from the brands they invest in, and 50% of Australia’s population is over 37 years old. WINK mature-age models are available to support a customer ideal or act as an emblematic representation of your audience. Our range of relatable and aspirational models comes highly experienced and a perfect match for brands of all sizes. We believe fashion is about identity, so when your consumer base is diverse, the identity of your mature-age models should be too.

  • Support visibility to support your brand

    Long gone are the days when modelling was a young person’s game. Our mature-aged models can be used in a variety of settings, campaigns, and shoots whether advertising everyday products in the form of a real family, walking the runway, capturing commercial photos targeted at an older demographic, or as the face of a new beauty campaign. When your audience wants to see a reflection of themselves in your content, WINK mature-age models can provide the personality, confidence, and charisma that comes with age.

  • Style has no age limit

    Don’t let a splash of salt and pepper or grey hair distract you from the benefits of a generation-less approach. Mature-age WINK models are available in all ethnicities, with extensive experience in front of the camera. Get in touch to learn more about our multi-skilled mature-age models whether you need your talent to speak confidently about your brand, present to camera, or anything in between. From mature-age commercial models to mature-age fashion models and more, WINK can help you target consumers at all stages of life.