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Models for TV Commercials & Extras

At WINK, we pride ourselves on representing diverse talent in order to meet your branding needs. We have models of all ages, shapes and sizes who are experienced across all campaign types such as print and TVC. Are you in need of female models to pose for Millers? A mum to shoot for Huggies? Male models to shoot for Rebel? Or a youth model to shoot for Jay Jays’ next campaign? We have the talent!

Our models are experienced with following directions as well as taking initiative in front of the camera. We can work with you provide your campaign with the perfect face to promote your branding.

We have worked with brands such as Qantas, Target and VISA on their TVC campaigns as well as Racing Victoria, Woolworths and Cancer Council on their print campaigns.

WINK hold an array of models with different skillsets, we have provided models for a whole range of different commercial jobs from TV extras to e-commerce shoots.

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