Become a WINK Model.



In the meantime, you can read up on how to have the best chance of getting signed with WINK once applications re-open.

Read this before applying to give yourself the best chance


Read this for some tips and tricks on the first steps to start your career as a model


Please be aware of fake accounts claiming to be a part of the WINK team contacting you on Instagram, Facebook and other forms of social media. These are the ONLY WINK Models social media accounts;
Instagram – @winkmodels
Facebook – @WinkModelsAustralia
Twitter – @winkmodelsaus
Any others are fake accounts and should not be contacted back.

The WINK Models team will never contact you via social media and/or email and ask for explicit photos, large sums of money or even offer any contracts via these methods. 

From time to time, we do scout potential models on Instagram from the @winkmodels account. However, we will always ask you to email a member of our team, these email address always end in We will then either invite you to meet the team in person or via Skype/Facetime, with the camera on, to ensure you know we are legitimately from the agency.

If you are contacted for fake accounts, please report these to the police immediately and discontinue any engagement.


To become a WINK Model, complete the checklist below. If you do not meet the following requirements, your application with not be accepted.

1. I'm at least 13 years of age.

2. I'm not uploading photos taken on my iphone – they're real photos taken by a photographer and show my full body, face and features

3. If I'm under the age of 18, I've got consent from a parent or guardian.

4. I'm a Female over 5'5 (165cm), or I'm a Male over 5'11 (180cm) in height.

5. I do not have a criminal record.


Be sure to upload professional photos with your application. We will not accept iPhone quality photos or 'selfies'. Your images must be either gif, png, or jpg format and less than 2 megabytes.

Personal Details

Please ensure you provide as much information as possible. All fields are mandatory.

Head Office

  • 52 Kellett Street
  • Darlinghurst
  • NSW 2010, Australia

  • +61 (2) 8005 4388
  • [email protected]