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The casting process explained

Sometimes booking a job isn’t as simple as being chosen directly from your comp card or portfolio. Clients will often ask talent to come in for casting. This can be so they can check sizing, audition a script, get a sense of talent’s personality, or do a chemistry check with other talent.

The casting process can be a tricky one, it can seem like there are a tonne of steps involved, as well as some foreign terms that may be used. We are here to make this process simpler and to break down how the process actually works. Whether you are a veteran in the industry or just starting out – this process applies to everyone!

  1. The stuff that goes on behind the scenes before you get that casting alert.  Your agent has been given a brief for a particular campaign by a casting director or a producer. This casting director or producer has been hired by the client producing this campaign. The first step is for your agent to put you forward for a role they believe is best suited to you. You agent sends your comp card, web portfolio, social media links, showreels or Casting Networks profile to the casting director or producer. Then the casting director or producer goes back to thier team and creates a shortlist of who they’d like to see for the casting. 

If you make the shortlist, you will be contacted by your agent to attend a casting. This is great news! This will be the first time you are made aware of this project, but rest assured, a lot of background work has been taking place to ensure you secure this audition.

 2. So, you’ve received a casting request, you’ve read all the information regarding shoot dates, usages and rates, and you’ve confirmed your attendance. What now?

You may have read all the information provided to you, but read it again! Make sure you memorise any scripts you’ve been given to make sure you are fully prepared on the day. There may also be some wardrobe requirements, but if there isn’t, always dress accordingly to the brand you are casting for. For example, if your role is a business person for a law firm, arrive in a suit/business attire. If the role is a sportsperson, arrive in sportswear.  It also helps to do your research on the brand you will be representing to get a better gauge on how to approach your casting. There is never too much research you can do!

Once you arrive at the casting, you may be introduced to the creative team, the producer and/or director. It goes without saying, but always remember to remain courteous and professional. First impressions always count, and if you don’t land this role, they will remember you for one in the future. During your casting, they will take photos or footage of you performing the role you are casting for. The director will then collect this for later when presenting all options to the client.

3. You finished your casting. What now?

Once the client receives all footage/images presented to them from everyone invited to the casting, they will begin to either make their selections or create a further shortlist. If the latter, you may be asked along to a RECALL. If your agent asks this of you, it simply means that the client is having trouble deciding who they’d like to book, and would like for you to come back in for an additional casting. They may want to workshop some more ideas with you, or take some more photos/footage. You may also be asked to go on HOLD. This means, again, that the client is finding it difficult to make a decision so would like you to keep the shoot dates free while they take a little more time to make a decision. Your agent will always release you from the hold if you haven’t been successful, or let you know that they have made their decision and would like to book you!

If you don’t get recalled or asked to be put on hold (usually within 3-4 days of a casting), this means that you’re likely unsuccessful for this one. You have no obligation to keep yourself free for the shoot dates unless you are recalled or put on hold. You’ll get ’em next time tiger! 


Feedback from a casting director or producer is extremely rare when you haven’t booked the job. Our suggestion is to just make sure you’ve done all of the key tips below. If you’re doing all of these well, the factors to you being unsuccessful are usually out of your hands, so just keep doing you!

  • Always read and re-read any information given to you before a casting
  • Do your research on the brand you are casting for
  • Always try to make arrangements to attend at the casting time given instead of requesting a new time. Casting directors are busy and changes to the schedule can cause them to just replace you instead of finding you a new time!
  • Call your agent if you’re running late to a casting.
  • Make an effort to be professional and courteous to everyone at the casting
  • Make yourself available for any recalls you are asked to attend
  • Abide by any holds you are placed on until released


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